Lists, lists, lists. Yuck! A pain to create but a tool that will make your family vacation the best one yet.

Every member of your family or every guest staying with you at Caribou Bay has a favorite something they just can’t live without. It might be a favorite pillow for Aunt Gertrude, a favorite beer mug for Uncle Tom, it might be a super soft blanky for Baby Sarah, a football for son Johnnie or a Led Zeppelin CD for daughter Chloe.

Get the picture? You’ve picked a great venue for your vacation spot. There will be no shortage of fun and interesting things to do. But with a little extra planning, why stop there? Make it your best trip yet!

All of your linens, bedding and towels are provided. But do you have a favorite blanket or pillow that makes you sleep like a baby when you use it? If you do, bring it along!

All of your dishes, pots/pans and flatware are provided. We’ve even got a 10 cup coffee maker at your disposal. But do you crave a Frappuccino in the morning? If you do, bring the fixins along!

The same can be said about yard games, board games, fishing bait, a fishing pole, bicycles to ride (two are provided), a favorite basketball or football (both provided but might not meet your son’s discerning specifications, so have them bring their favorite along).

If you have a question as to what’s provided or what isn’t, just ask. We are more than happy to work with you tirelessly to make your stay at Caribou Bay Retreat and Event Center, the best vacation yet.

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