Weddings – Winter Weddings

Winter, the dreamiest season of them all. Guests describe Caribou Bay winter weddings as glamorous, cinematic and magical. Where colors are a bit more exaggerated and pronounced. Snow is a dazzling white, the afternoon sky is a vibrant blue and the night sky is dark and mysterious. Winter air is the cleanest air. A winter wedding will take your breath away. Your ceremony is performed under majestic pines, in a chapel wrapped in grape vine and lit up with twinkle lights. In front of the chapel, flames dance from a roaring campfire. Your guests will nod in approval, as the heat keeps them warm and toasty. Not a hundred feet from the chapel is the retreat’s story book event center. It is in this most unique dwelling that family and friends will revel in your company. They’ll hug one another, smile and laugh, eat a delicious meal, dance like Fred Astaire and hoist their glass high and often in your honor. With this backdrop, you will be wed.