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Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding (Series #2)

Did we put the horse before the cart? Well I think not. Most planners will have you select a budget before you select your season and then a date and finally a venue while you Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding. Let us assume you have these done. Now it’s time to create a wedding budget.

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Create Vacation Memories (Part #2)

Lists, lists, lists. Yuck! A pain to create but a tool that will make your family vacation the best one yet.

Every member of your family or every guest staying with you at Caribou Bay has a favorite something they just can’t live without. It might be a favorite pillow for Aunt Gertrude, a favorite beer mug for Uncle Tom, it might be a super soft blanky for Baby Sarah, a football for son Johnnie or a Led Zeppelin CD for daughter Chloe.

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Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding

This is the first in a series of blog posts intended to help stimulate the wedding couple who prefer a wedding event seeped in a casual atmosphere of woods, water, gardens and rustic buildings. Because this best describes Caribou Bay Retreat and Event Center; and because I am the blogger and a Managing Director of this fine venue; the narrative will focus on our experiences at the retreat and how this might help you Create the Perfect Rustic Wedding.

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Create Vacation Memories

So you’ve gathered your family around the kitchen table and asked every member (that’s old enough to understand the question), “what would you like to do for this year’s family vacation”? And in unison, everyone yells, “let’s go to Caribou Bay!” (jk) We hope that’s what everyone yells. But even if it’s not, you’ll be going somewhere with the idea, you’re there to make memories.

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